Thanks for visiting my site and taking an interest in your options on the ballot. It is important for citizens to research their candidates and representatives to make an informed decision. If you have a question and cannot find the answer here, I invite you to contact me directly at arthur@amtiv.com.

I am Arthur M Thomas IV and I moved to San Antonio about 8 years ago for a job. I still work at the same small business full time. I am a programmer. I graduated from Baylor University in 2001. I grew up around Houston. I have lived in the area for over 4 years and was previously in district 9 before redistricting and I now am part of district 10.

While no politician, I have been involved in politics in one way or another since the early 2000s when I first became aware and interested in how government affects us all. It is always difficult to decide to run, but I think it is important for citizens to step forward and offer different ideas than the ones typically offered. People have different perceptions of government. Some see it as an overseeing entity that controls society. Others a business that needs efficient managers. I think at best it is what we have sacrificed to make decision on our behalf. In the end it is us, but is it the best of us? A government makes no ‘products’ or solves no problems that we are not ready to do ourselves. It is a monopoly on all that it takes over and always at the cost of our own personal resources and choices. My philosophy on government is to always ask ‘should government be doing this?’, and even if so, ‘how can it return this responsibility back to the people in the future?’. When we are not careful with this responsibility then the value of our lives and our dreams are taken away and used to build those of politicians in power. Free people should always be cautious of government requiring more of them at all levels. I am running to challenge the status quo of government growth. Of the implied idea that government must do more because citizens cannot. I believe society is better than what is represented by government and it should be free from government whenever possible.