The city elections are non partisan races. This means, for the most part the standard political parties are not “in” the race. It would be naive to think that they are not involved. I myself am a part of a political party but I try hard not to emphasize it. I think principles speak loud enough on their own without labels.

I do want to thank a few Democrat groups for inviting me to speak at their functions though. Even if they only favor those pushing their their platform positions, they allow people to come talk to them. I am very disappointed in the Republican organizations in this race. I know they have held events. Its their right to support who they want but its clear who is actually non partisan and non party supported.

I am in this race not to fight to push Republican or Democrat ideals. I am here to push for principles of liberty. I believe citizens are what make this city and state great and not political parties. I am here to fight for citizens to have the authority over our own lives.

Status quo is not acceptable.