Sign Vandalism

“Its Normal”

That is sort of the response I get when I get my political signs vandalized. We should not tolerate things because that is the way they have become. Thats why I am running for office. My vandalized signs are a great analogy to the status quo nature of politics. Things are just accepted. Integrity is lost and expectations are lowered.

Whoever did it, I hope you understand that it goes to show the truth of the matter. When what you supposedly ‘support’ is so weak that you have to attack another through force then you are the weak one. You have no integrity or honor. You are so riddled with fear and ignorance that you do only what is left to a person of such little substance. You attack with force.


I had one sign flattened to the ground.  Obviously not just ‘punks’ up to mischief because the sign was bent down and left alone after that except for two foot prints. A random property vandal would have attacked the ‘fun’ part of the side and torn it up. This was an attempt to clobber the message. Another sign was just outright removed. City sign enforcement will notify candidates of sign violations so this wasn’t the city. It was someone that is ruled by fear. So afraid of competition that they will violate their own integrity to attack another.

So I will still stand up and do what I have done. I fight to end the reign of people like you that would use force upon other to satisfy your fears. You great others and their property as if it were garbage, but it is your own integrity as a person you have thrown away. I hope that one day you see that fear is not a path to anything good. I hope that one day you will choose to Live Free.

I apologize to my donors. I wish I could protect your investment in the message for a better San Antonio. I will continue to fight for you and your support. We have something greater than those that would tear us down.

Pre-K 4 SA Vol 1

The first issue of Pre-K 4 SA from the City of San Antonio came out today. It is basically a big push piece on how great it will and what it hopes to be. Government should not be judged upon its intent but upon its reality. I will not rehash arguments here but I did want to point out a few issues I saw reading through the newsletter.

…students will be educated annually in four education centers and through competitive grants.

Grants given by political entities are inherently political. That means the word competitive here implies competition in the political sense and not the market sense.

Under “Job Opportunities” is listed “Additional Staff”

Are they so eager to spend and hand out money and “create jobs” that they don’t even bother to have a position of need? They just “need” more people as “staff”? Questionable at best.

Seven school districts, which represent 90% of the eligible Pre-K student population, have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to engage in the Pre-K 4 SA program. Some school districts that have decided not to participate in the first year of the program are contemplating a partnership with Pre-K 4 SA in subsequent years. The first two education centers will provide Pre-K services to 700 students. Through the Pre-K and school districts’ partner-ship agreement, 630 of the 700 students will come from the seven participating school districts. The remaining 70 will come from a city-wide lottery and consist of families who will pay a tuition based on their family income.

The political punishment/reward system already starting. I thought this was for all of San Antonio? Also, why not make all families pay a tuition based on income?

The Pre-K 4 SA’s Education Centers will utilize research-based early childhood curriculum.

Like the federal and state government have been promising for their education of students? Someone a city government won’t be bogged down in politics and special interests like the rest of politics?

The Pre-K 4 SA grassroots pub-lic awareness campaign begins in April. San Antonio has selected the bilingual public relations firm, aMAEzing, to help educate families regarding Pre-K 4 SA

Grassroots campaigns don’t have public relations firms. They are also proud to announce that they are spending your tax money to “educate” you on this program.

Education is important to me. I think its the core of fixing many problems we have as a society. Its so important that I want to get government out of the education business. There is nothing more dangerous than politicians controlling the developing minds of citizens and making parents dependent upon them for any hope of success for their children.

The Wastes


I was part of the trial group for the city’s new organic recycling program. On a personal level, I like the idea. It is great turning organics into compost that can be used for gardens. I personally love the idea of recycling. My person opinion is not at issue here. Ideas, no matter how good the intentions should not be shoved onto people. Especially on top of another ‘good’ idea that isn’t successful.

The participation rate for the blue bin program is only around 20%. Why would th
e city start up a program that even less people will likely use? Its a bit messier and requires more storage space. Why not focus on changing the blue bin to a fee based service and trying to get participation up on that before throwing another subsidy on top of citizens? I like that there is a $3 fee for joining in on the organic program. I think fee based services are the proper way to deal with services, but that $3 cannot possibly cover the true cost of the program. So we are going to have a subsidized program on top of a subsidized blue bin recycling program.

I am all for good ideas, but I am not for good ideas that are so good they have to be forced on people.

Stonewall Democrats Survey

I was given a questionnaire by the Stonewall Democrats. I want to provide the survey and my responses to everyone. I was not give an endorsement by this group even though I support true equal rights.

I do appreciate that they invited me out and everyone was very nice. I do disagree with the idea that special interests are civil rights. You can see my full explanation in my responses.

Stonewall Democrats Questionnaire


The San Antonio Board of Realtors sent me a short questionnaire. I want to share my responses with all. I think its important to show voters who contacts candidates as well as how I respond. This is the kind of openness that shouldn’t be legislated, but should be expected from those running for office.

SABOR Survey


The city elections are non partisan races. This means, for the most part the standard political parties are not “in” the race. It would be naive to think that they are not involved. I myself am a part of a political party but I try hard not to emphasize it. I think principles speak loud enough on their own without labels.

I do want to thank a few Democrat groups for inviting me to speak at their functions though. Even if they only favor those pushing their their platform positions, they allow people to come talk to them. I am very disappointed in the Republican organizations in this race. I know they have held events. Its their right to support who they want but its clear who is actually non partisan and non party supported.

I am in this race not to fight to push Republican or Democrat ideals. I am here to push for principles of liberty. I believe citizens are what make this city and state great and not political parties. I am here to fight for citizens to have the authority over our own lives.

Status quo is not acceptable.

Code Compliance Fines

I was at a meeting where code compliance official touting the new remote way to deal with fines in district 10. I am supportive of making it easy for citizen to deal with problem and that is especially true if people don’t have to travel downtown and pay for parking. I would be cautious of getting excited over government that make it easy to pay but not fight against claims as well though.

One comment was made about there being a $300 automatic fine for missing a court appearance and fines piling up if people do not respond. This can lead to very abusive government. Citations and fines are a way to deal with all kinds of city issues and to defer cost of dealing with those issues but they should not a massive burden and potentially financially destructive.

We should just be cautious of a government that is proud of how efficient it is at fines and making it easy to pay them but loses focus on treating people reasonably when it comes to actually solving problems.

Communicating With YOU!

When in office I will keep a blog on this site and post when I vote or make decisions that affect the city. You can see my reasoning and vote right here. No digging through city minutes or wondering what I am doing. Open and straight forward government. Direct communication is important and should be demanded.