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Code Compliance Fines

I was at a meeting where code compliance official touting the new remote way to deal with fines in district 10. I am supportive of making it easy for citizen to deal with problem and that is especially true if people don’t have to travel downtown and pay for parking. I would be cautious of getting excited over government that make it easy to pay but not fight against claims as well though.

One comment was made about there being a $300 automatic fine for missing a court appearance and fines piling up if people do not respond. This can lead to very abusive government. Citations and fines are a way to deal with all kinds of city issues and to defer cost of dealing with those issues but they should not a massive burden and potentially financially destructive.

We should just be cautious of a government that is proud of how efficient it is at fines and making it easy to pay them but loses focus on treating people reasonably when it comes to actually solving problems.