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The Wastes


I was part of the trial group for the city’s new organic recycling program. On a personal level, I like the idea. It is great turning organics into compost that can be used for gardens. I personally love the idea of recycling. My person opinion is not at issue here. Ideas, no matter how good the intentions should not be shoved onto people. Especially on top of another ‘good’ idea that isn’t successful.

The participation rate for the blue bin program is only around 20%. Why would th
e city start up a program that even less people will likely use? Its a bit messier and requires more storage space. Why not focus on changing the blue bin to a fee based service and trying to get participation up on that before throwing another subsidy on top of citizens? I like that there is a $3 fee for joining in on the organic program. I think fee based services are the proper way to deal with services, but that $3 cannot possibly cover the true cost of the program. So we are going to have a subsidized program on top of a subsidized blue bin recycling program.

I am all for good ideas, but I am not for good ideas that are so good they have to be forced on people.